Instructions and support code for getting a cheap USB weather station connected to the Met Office wow.metoffice.gov.uk using a Raspberry Pi.

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Getting started

1. Parts list

This is the list of items you'll need to get started with the project. The first list contains items only needed during project setup, the second list contains items needed to keep the weather station running.

Items needed only during the setup:

  1. USB keyboard
  2. HDMI cable
  3. HDMI TV or computer monitor
  4. SD card reader

Items to keep the weather station running:

  1. Raspberry Pi Model B - Available from Element 14 or RS Components.
  2. USB Power supply - To power the Raspberry Pi.
  3. Micro USB cable - To connect the Pi to the power supply.
  4. SD card - About 8GB is a good size.
  5. A USB Wireless Weather Station.
    I have successfully used these models:

2. Getting started with your Raspberry Pi

Before continuing you’ll need to download an operating system for your Raspberry Pi. For this tutorial I have chosen Raspian “Wheezy”, an easy to use Linux based operating system which is endorsed by the Raspberry Pi foundation and seems to be very popular. You can download a copy from the Raspberry Pi Downloads Page.

Once you have downloaded the image you need to copy it onto your SD card. I suggest you follow the relevant RPi Easy SD Card Setup instructions at Elinux.org.

Next Step: Installing the weather station software